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Kevin Hoskins
Born in Canada
42 years
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I carry your Heart. I carry it in my Heart.

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Kevin John Hoskins who was born in Canada Ontario on January 12, 1965 and passed away on July 6, 2007. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.


Kevin John Hoskins - adored husband, loving father and son and brother, nephew cousin and friend. You were taken too soon, much much too soon. I could have had 100 years with you, and it would never have been enough.

Kevin is truly one of those people you just love to be around. It's like people were drawn to him, he could talk to anyone and make them his friend. He has a wacky sense of humour, albeit sometimes kind of perverted, that's what we love about him. He loved to make people laugh, even if the joke was at his own expense. He loved being able to help others, to tinker, to fix, to build, to take things apart and put them back together.


Kevin and his smile. His smile could warm the darkest of hearts, lighten the darkest of moods.


You always knew that Kevin really liked you if he teased you. He was not shy about affection, and could always be found kissing someone on the cheek or patting them on the butt, or giving them a hug.


Kevin completed my life when I was lucky enough to finally find him. It's such a cliche. But he truly made me a better, more loving person. He brought out the funny and goofy in me. He loved me with his whole heart, and I love him with all of mine. He will love me forever, for eternity, just as I will him. That is what we always told each other. He is part of my soul, and I am a part of his. True, real love is a single soul dwelling in two bodies. And that is Kevin and I.


Kevin adored his daughters, with such love that it could light the sky. The most precious people in his life, and he took every opportunity to brag about the girls to anyone, listening or not. 


Kevin loved his family and he loved his friends. He truly didn't know how much his friends loved him, how they respected him, how they looked forward to being with him. We joked that he was so vain about his appearance (his hair his teeth, his clothes) that his ego was too big for him. In reality, it was just the opposite. This was all his sense of humor. The truth is, Kevin is Kevin, and he was so happy to be him. 


Please share a story about Kevin. Let him live on. Help someone in need just as he always did.


I love you forever and for eternity my sweetie. I know that you are with me, and that is what keeps me going. One foot in front of the other, for you.


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